100% Angora Wool

100% Natural Fluffy Angora Sweater

Unique, heirloom quality hand knitted angora sweaters ready made or custom made with the best 100% natural, hand spun, fluffy angora yarn in the world. Not machine knitted with industrial mill spun angora.

Hand Knit Custom Sweaters

The minute you try on one of our personalized Angora hand knitted just for you, you will feel glamorous, sensual, and extraordinary.

We specialize in hand knitting the heirloom quality Angora sweater of your dreams with the finest Angora yarn. A sweater that with very little care may get to be cherished for generations.

Ask me!.
Together we can chose a size, pick out a color, decide what type of design you want. Maybe in bright fun colors that add just the touch of pizazz our wardrobes need, or in traditional elegant shades for a perfect night out?

Send me an email (contact @ fluffyangora.com) , contact me through this form , or give me a call toll free at: 1-800-368-6693

Hand Spun 100% Angora Rabbit Yarn

We use only yarn that has been hand spun by us with the longest angora fibers in the world. Same that we have carefully harvested when the fibers molt naturally from our own breed of lovely Giant white angora rabbits.

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Our sweaters are hand knitted by experienced knitters and delivered within 10-15 days if not already made.

Fabulous  Sweaters 100% Angora Yarn

Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge wearing a mill spun angora bolero cardigan for the evening celebrations following her wedding to Prince William held at Westminster Abbey in London, England on April 29, 2011. Photo from www.dailymail.co.uk.

Click on the image to enlarge and see how fluffy and gorgeous is my hand knitted angora bolero.

Our angora yarn is hand spun, quite textured, fluffy, strong and shed-resistant, and thus my bolero cardigan angora sweater is much fluffier than the bolero of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Her's was made with mill spun angora yarn. Loreto Marquez

Fabulous Sweaters 100% Angora Yarn

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Our custom made knit wear can turn any outfit from drab to elegant in seconds. This Angora will have you feeling like royalty!

We offer hand knit sweaters, scarves, mittens, hats, accessories, and booties with a fluffy fur looking halo no machine spinning can possibly yield. Discover the irresistible softness of our cardigans, ponchos and boleros, perfect for everyday wear

Do you have a style in mind? A special winter sweater you would like for us to knit for you in our fabulously fluffy Angora?

Grab a pencil and paper and write down your measurements (Click: sizing chart for directions on how to measure yourself).

Send us your measurements along with your style or sketch and we will hand knit the Angora knitwear you want and personalize it in every detail you wish:

  • angora sweater dress
  • v-neck sweater
  • crew neck sweater
  • turtleneck or ultra cowl neck sweater
  • tunic or wrap sweaters,
  • short sleeve sweaters
  • angora sweater shrug
  • ribbed angora sweaters
  • cable knit sweaters
  • angora mittens
  • wrist warmers for achey joints
  • bedsocks and hats
  • a fluffy angora scarf and angora hat
  • angora jacket
  • or the furry angora coat… of your fluffy dreams!

Ask me!.
Together we can chose a size, pick out a color, decide what type of design you want.

Send me an email (contact @ fluffyangora.com) or give me a call toll free at: 1-800-368-6693

Custom designed sweaters can be knitted to a precise fit, so you can choose the perfect length, your favorite sleeve style, etc., right down to the smallest detail..

Custom knitted hats and scarves can add a colorful touch of fun to your outfit, changing an every-day outfit into your own signature look!

Make sure to browse our extensive color range - 100% Angora yarn comes in 35 vivid colors!

Angora sweaters by Jeremy Scott - Fall 2011

New York designer Jeremy Scott hand knit fluffy sweaters for his A/W 2011 collection, using our one of a kind hand spun Angora yarn.

" Channeling the excitement of getting dressed up for a night out, Scott brought out the brights - pinks, oranges, reds, blues, with a showing of silver. With references from films like Nowhere by Gregg Araki and Wizard of Oz, the collection - from the colours to the fabrics like Angora and metal mesh - is fun and carefree" http://www.crane.tv/#video/Jeremy-Scott.

Jeremy Scott collection

Our custom made hand knitted Angora is made with you in mind, literally!

Whatever you want, whether it’s a natural white sweater made with angora yarn that is not dyed but completely natural (off white or ivory color), a shawl, poncho, or a hand knitted hat for winter; a gorgeous fluffy black cardigan, or maybe a red hot scarf, or a ribbed knit sweater, we can make it exactly how you want it!

We can add trims, buttons, sequins to your accessories and knitwear, or if you want another special details, it’s all up to you!

Our knitting comes in gorgeous fashionable colors, like black, burgundy, royal blue, emerald green, fuchsia and many more. We can also custom dye special colors, like hot pink, bright orange, lemon yellow….the possibilities are endless!

Angora sweaters are so soft and ours are amazingly fluffy.

Our Angora is considered the "guilt free fur" because no rabbits are hurt to make the hand spun yarn for these sweaters. 

We have been breeding angora rabbits, spinning angora fibers, and offering our unique handspun 100% Angora yarn at our store in Chile since 1984. And on-line, working with the fulfillment center that ships orders for our yarns to Canada, the UK, Australia, and worldwide from Toledo, Ohio in the USA, since 1999.

All the yarn we use is handspun at home with our own angora fibers. We can be seen at many knitting and craft shows and also at some Farmers Markets in Chile.

The yarn is so light in weight that less than half the amount of a traditional sheep's wool yarn is necessary for an adult sweater.

The angora wool has the greatest insulation of all animal fibres, making our yarn the warmest, lightest and softest knitting yarn available anywhere.

We offer ready made Angora hand knitted sweaters, mittens, hats, scarves… anything angora, for your pleasure.  

We're truly passionate about our cottage industry, knitting needles and knitwear. We individually knit each piece by hand with skill and patience.

We take pleasure in knitting beautiful and luxurious personalized or custom knit sweaters, angora bolero cardigans, angora shrugs and much more with our Angora hand knitting wool. We can knit gorgeous custom knit ladies sweaters as well as for men, or even children and babies (booties).

Our Commitment
We use only the highest selected quality of pure 100% angora rabbit yarn in natural or hand dyed colors. Each of our items are meticulously knit by hand and go through strict quality controls before they are shiped to our customers around the world.

Most of our heirloom quality readymade items are ready for shipping the next day.

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Angora wool is appreciated by many who love to feel its soft, fluffy texture which makes it an ideal choice for hand knitting.

We offer hand knit sweaters, scarves, mittens, hats and booties with a fluffy fur looking halo no machine spinning can possibly yield. Discover the irresistible softness of our cardigans, ponchos and boleros, perfect for everyday wear.

Angora sweaters are a true classic which never go out of style. They are so soft and fluffy, they look like they meld into you. The upside is that no rabbits have been hurt to produce these sweaters so you may say they are "the guilt free fur".

Our wool is fluffier than anything else in the market, since our yarn is hand spun with very long selected angora rabbit hair, not mill spun short clipped angora fibers or artificial nylon fibers.

All our products are delivered worldwide through a treaceable carrier in a variety of natural and hand dyed, bright colors.


Our Angora Yarn is Guaranteed Free of Defects

If for any reason the yarn is received with a defect, we will honor our guarantee and allow a merchandise exchange. Otherwise, we do not accept any returns nor color exchanges.

In order to return defective merchandise, you need to request a Return Authorization number by email or by calling our customer service office at 1-800-368-6693 or
. It needs to be shipped back within 7 days in its original condition and package.